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Vendita is a multifaceted organization built around software asset management, specifically Oracle compliance and license management. Over the better part of a decade, we have been helping organizations large and small around the globe with their licensing and compliance issues, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. We are an Oracle partner and an official IBM reseller. We help manage the databases that manage your data no matter where it resides, on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

In 2018 we began developing our own proprietary software built from our years of experience, MAS (Master Automation Solution). MAS streamlines database processes, improves monitoring, and adds automation capabilities as well as compliance tools to help organizations save time and money, close knowledge gaps, empower staff and increase overall productivity across the board. MAS enables you to work the way you need to work in the 21st century through cloud rationalization, closing IT knowledge gaps, managing a remote workforce, and so much more.
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Doug Sullinger founded Vendita Corporation out of his house in 2008. He is a highly motivated technology leader and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of proven success in the IT industry. Doug partnered with some of the most powerful technology and enterprise software companies in the world to make Vendita a successful company and create a proprietary enterprise software product. He saw the impact inefficient systems had on business and began developing Master Automation Solution (MAS) as the answer and path to his vision – Making IT professionals lives better through automation and machine learning.

Doug Sullinger

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