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Identity Fusion

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Identity Fusion is a cyber security firm that specializes in identity and access management (IAM) solutions. With Identity Fusion, organizations can effectively manage digital identities, control access to resources, and enhance security. Identity Fusion streamlines user management processes, provides seamless access provisioning, and safeguards sensitive data from unauthorized access and identity-related risks. By choosing Identity Fusion, organizations can confidently deploy a reliable and efficient IAM solution to protect their assets and optimize operational efficiency. Identity Fusion offers a full suite of services ranging from C-level IAM strategy and business case development to expert offerings including architecture, project planning, implementation services, managed services, support services, and education - all with a focus on identity and access management.

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Bill Nelson

As the co-founder and CEO of Identity Fusion, Bill leads a team of highly skilled consultants who share his dedication of providing robust identity and access management solutions. While Bill possesses extensive knowledge of the business, security, and technological aspects of implementing IAM solutions, his true passion lies in leveraging these technologies to solve real-world problems. With over 25 years of experience in the identity field, Bill has collaborated with clients across various industries. Beyond his expertise as an author, educator, and public speaker, he possesses an exceptional ability to bridge the gap between technical complexities and business objectives. This talent is invaluable in facilitating understanding between the data center and boardroom and has helped drive the overall success of Identity Fusion.

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