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Spirion is the leader in data discovery, persistent classification, and protection of sensitive data on-premise and in the cloud. Since 2006, thousands of organizations worldwide have reduced their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimized the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyberattacks and regulatory violations. Spirion provides greater command and control of sensitive data to leading firms across all industries from financial services to healthcare to public sector. Visit us at


A tech industry veteran, Coppins has served in senior executive roles at software and hardware companies both large and small, equipping him with the breadth of skills and experience needed to thrive at Spirion. Today, Coppins has the privilege of leading a team of passionate data privacy professionals who work with clients in the daily battle to protect what’s important — their sensitive data. Prior to serving as CEO at Spirion, Coppins held leadership positions at Novell, Alcatel Lucent, Meru Networks, EasyVista, CyFIR, and NEC. His educational background includes a BA in Marketing from Penn State, MBA from Loyola University New Orleans, and a Certificate of Professional Development from The Wharton School of Business.

Kevin Coppins


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