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Sourcetoad is a technology consulting and innovation company. We specialize in delivering web and mobile applications, desktop software, and smart TV interfaces to the cruise industry. Our domain expertise in cruise software has helped our clients launch complex projects around shore excursions, hotel booking, onboard management, and customer-facing web and mobile applications. We are also the developers of Cruise Director, a platform for managing all onboard passenger-facing systems across a fleet. For more information, visit


Greg is the founder and CEO of Sourcetoad, an application development firm specializing in cruise industry solutions. Greg has helped cruise lines elevate their shipboard experience to the next level by delivering innovative technology solutions while protecting legacy investments. He earned a BS in industrial psychology, an MBA in information systems management, and an MS in entrepreneurship in applied technologies from the University of South Florida. Greg is a judge for Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and sits on the board of directors of StartupBus. He is also the author of Herding Cats and Coders, a guide to software development for non-techies.

Greg Ross-Munro


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